We can offer you a range of planted baskets and containers all through the year, superb for instant colour impact into even the most awkward of places in your garden.

With the 'backbone' of the garden in place the bedding plant will provide instant colour for most of the year, for autumn - winter what better than the Pansy or Primrose for instant colour. For the on-set of warmer months we have the traditional Geranium, Fuchsia or even a Marigold to tempt you. We are also able to source the cat deterrant Coleus Canina in season too. If you prefer to raise your own annual bedding, why not browse through our superb quality range of seeds, you are bound to find what you need.

Twenty Pence Inspirational Flower Garden

The garden below shows a mix of shrub, herbaceous and annual plants. This enables you to have colour in your garden almost year round but gives you the most colour from late spring to October when you use your garden most. The plants are available in colours to suit your taste from pure white all the way through to purple and red. Mix up your planting to enjoy swathes of colour or clash colours to give you a Christopher Lloyd Style Garden.  The choice as they say is yours.