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Welcome to the Orchard Pizzeria!

 ‘Authentic, Italian-style pizza served in a relaxing atmosphere’

Opening times:  

Monday - Friday 10.30am-2.30pm 

Saturday 11.00am-2.30pm

Sunday 10.30am-2.30pm

Pizzeria opening times:

Monday-Sunday 12-2.30pm


What’s Your Favourite?. . .

Italian Style Pizza

Craving a mouth-watering pizza ? Look no further than our wide selection of Italian Style Pizzas. From the timeless classic Margherita to the zesty New York Pepperoni. All of our pizzas are available on both 9" and 12" bases. We also offer a Gluten-free base option for an addittional cost of £2, and have a range of Vegetarian and Vegan options, our signature pizza is the Orchard Vegan (one of our favourites). There's the perfect pizza for everyone! 

*NEW MENU.... Drumroll, Please! Brace yourselves for an explosion of flavour as we introduce our NEW Pizza Menu! Get ready to indulge in these scrumptious creations:

- Wild Mushroom Delight: A light, crispy crust adorned with pizza sauce, melted mozzarella, wild mushrooms, red onions, and a drizzle of truffle oil. Finished with Italian seasoning and fresh rocket.

- Goats Cheese & Caramelised Onion: Pizza sauce, slices of creamy goats cheese, caramelised onions, black olives, and red onions. Topped with fresh rocket and Italian seasoning. 

- Greek: Buffalo mozzarella, wilted spinach, black olives, red onions, fresh tomatoes, and feta cheese atop a light crust and finished with pizza seasoning.

- Avocado Dream: A crispy crust topped with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, mixed peppers, red onions, and smashed avocado. Crowned with goat's cheese and our signature pizza seasoning.

- 3 Cheese & Pesto: A light, crispy base with green pesto and topped with buffalo mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, feta, and Parmesan. Topped with Italian seasoning, fresh rocket, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze.

Your taste buds won't want to miss out on this delicious journey! 


NEW Toastie Menu!


The Orchard Team has been hard at work crafting an exciting new Toastie Menu! While you can always opt for the classic Ham and Cheese, why not elevate your taste buds with our signature options? Indulge in a delectable combination of goats cheese, crushed walnuts, and local honey, or savor the flavors of the Greek style toasted sandwich—Food Hall Manager Amanda's personal favorite. Picture this: feta cheese, sliced tomato, pesto, grated mozzarella, and fresh spinach all perfectly melded together. Visit us today! 

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The Orchard Pizzeria has proven to be a hit whether you are looking for a casual pizza to eat in, a takeaway to enjoy at home or in our outdoor seating area, we have it covered.