To compliment the conifer, heathers naturally associate well. Both can be grown in beds and borders and give constant value throughout the year. We can offer a number of attractive varieties of Calluna and Erica types in season.

Conifers guarantee structure and colour in the garden throughout the year. They are among the most effective plants for reducing unwelcome noise pollution and, where privacy is important, just a few plants will create a more effective screen.

Compared with many garden plants conifers are fairly trouble-free, as long as they are kept moist and perhaps given a bit of mulching each spring they are very reliable. They are mainly evergreen and can offer a valuable all-year-round display. We have a choice range to choose from, the larger growing varieties such as Cypress, Yew and Juniper which can provide attractive columnar shapes to accentuate an entrance or prostrate varieties for valuable ground cover.

Then we have the dwarf types like Pinus Mugo and the Piceas, which fit neatly into a rockery or container and give shape, texture and colour.

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