Experience an Abundance of Blooms! From vibrant bedding plants to elegant roses, shrubs to fragrant herbs, trees to enchanting climbers, our plant section is a botanical paradise waiting to be explored.

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Twenty Pence Tip: 

  • Plant Autumn flowering bulbs now. We have Autumn Crocus, Colchicum and Nerine.
  • Check for scale insects on the underside of Camellia and Bay Tree leaves. Use Ultimate Bug Killer
  • Lawn growth slows down in late summer. Raise the height of your mower to help your grass stay green and cope with extra wear and tear.  
  • Top up ponds and water features. Keep fountains running all night to help increase oxygen levels for fish. 
  • Look out for signs of apple scab on leaves and fruit. Spray with Doff Universal Bug & Fungus Control.

5 Year Plant Guarantee: 

Best Quality Plants to all our Customers!

Here at Twenty Pence Garden Centre we pride ourselves on the quality of our plants. Our plant manager goes to great lengths to source only the best, continuing to care and look after them so that they are available for you, our customers. We are so confident that our plants are at their very best that we offer all our customers a 5 year, no quibble guarantee on all our hardy plant stock. All you need to do is keep your receipt as proof of purchase and we will replace the plant or you can choose an alternative replacement. Terms and conditions apply.