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Twenty Pence Tip: 

  • Good planting combinations make a garden special. Spiraea Goldflame, Berberis Bagatelle and Geum Totally Tangerine look great together.
  • If you have a greenhouse plant up your Hanging Baskets now, to give them a head start ready for putting out in May.
  • Lots of Alpines are flowering now. They will make a perfect miniature garden in a container for the patio.
  • Keep a pot of Herbs by the kitchen door for the freshest of pickings to add to your culinary delights. 
  • Start sowing Lettuce, Spinach and Rocket in your vegetable garden now.
  • Put Plant Supports in early, so that plants can grow up naturally through them.
  • Hosta’s are just coming into growth, so keep an eye out for slug problems, use Copper Tape to protect plants or try raised beds and containers to deter them.
  • To stop seedlings damping off in the greenhouse, make sure to use clean pots and fresh compost every time.
  • Honeysuckle and Clematis are putting on lots of growth now, tie in with soft twine to stop the wind breaking them off.

5 Year Plant Guarantee: 

Best Quality Plants to all our Customers!

Here at Twenty Pence Garden Centre we pride ourselves on the quality of our plants. Our plant manager goes to great lengths to source only the best, continuing to care and look after them so that they are available for you, our customers. We are so confident that our plants are at their very best that we offer all our customers a 5 year, no quibble guarantee on all our hardy plant stock. All you need to do is keep your receipt as proof of purchase and we will replace the plant or you can choose an alternative replacement. Terms and conditions apply.