Twenty Pence Garden Centre is a family-run business with sustainability always at the heart of our operations, striving to build a better future for generations to come. We believe that every small effort can make a big difference. While we acknowledge there's still a long journey ahead, here are some steps we're taking to minimise our environmental footprint:



Every year, we recycle 8 tonnes of plastic, encompassing pots, trays, pallet wrap, and compost bags, along with 16 tonnes of cardboard and paper. All cardboard packaging suitable for reuse is compacted, baled, and sent for recycling. Additionally, we recycle 1 tonne of glass, predominantly sourced from used glass bottles from our restaurants. To further minimise waste, we collect and repurpose over 500 used pallets annually. Moreover, we've established a designated customer recycling station for old plant pots and trays, actively encouraging customers to reuse them. For disposal of old clothes, recycling bins are conveniently located in our car park, accessible to both customers and staff. Lastly, 450 litres of used vegtable oil is taken each year to be recycled into bio oil.


Carbon Footprint:

To minimise our carbon footprint, we prioritise sourcing plants locally and opt for peat-free composts and recyclable pots whenever feasible. Some of our esteemed local suppliers include...

  • Hairy Pot Company - All herbs are grown in pots with peat free compost.
  • R.J Barret - Based in Upwell.
  • Darby Nursery - Based in Methwold.
  • Rainbow Nursery - Based in Clacton on Sea.
  • Pankers Nursery - Based in Frinton on Sea.
  • Jasmine Nursery - Based in Wisbech 
  • Harkness Roses - Based in Bedford
  • Whaltons Roses - Based in Diss
  • Morleys Ericaceous Plants - Based in Norfolk

We've upgraded our delivery fleet to include vehicles with lower carbon emissions, a step forward in our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.


Water and Energy use:

Water and energy usage are crucial aspects of our operations, and we're committed to minimising our impact on the environment. Here's how we're doing it:

  • Harvesting rainwater for irrigation and hose watering
  • Installing waterless men's urinals, saving 100,000 litres annually
  • Utilising an energy-saving monitoring system to regulate store temperature
  • Educating staff on reducing usage, such as turning off lights and minimising electrical equipment usage
  • Transitioning over 95% of our lighting to LED
  • Insulating our shop roof to reduce energy loss
  • Installing sensor lights into our toilet facilities to reduce unecessary energy wastage



  • We actively encourage customers to bring their own recyclable bags and offer biodegradable bags with a charge to incentivise this practice.
  • Cardboard boxes and trims are kept on hand and offered to customers.
  • We sell bags for life for customers who have forgotten theirs.


Other points to mention:

  • All our bedding is sold in recyclable plastic trays instead of polystyrene.
  • We offer a fantastic range of peat-free composts, and our staff actively encourage customers to choose these environmentally friendly options.

From recycling initiatives and carbon footprint reduction to sustainable packaging and local sourcing, Twenty Pence Garden Centre is dedicated to fostering a greener, more sustainable future for all.