Eden Halls Louvre Window Aluminium

Ventilation is essential in any greenhouse and replacing one or more panes with the Halls Louvre panel will aid through ventilation. Unwanted air is extracted through ridge vents, allowing fresh air to enter via the aluminium framed 5 or 6 adjustable slats, to ensure draft free ventilation of your plants. Frame comes with a manual handle so that you have complete control of the air flow.

For added ease and convenience you may prefer an automatic vent opener which will automatically open and close your louvre windows or roof vent according to the pre-set temperatures you select.

Toughened - Toughened to British Standard Class 6206 for maximum light and extra safety, long pane single sheet Polycarbonate - Twinwall UV stabilised clear long pane single sheet

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This item can be delivered to you within 3-4 weeks.