Aubergine 'Hansel' F1 Hybrid

Thornless stems makes for easy picking! Grow in a pot to restrict height and width to 60cm (2ft). Excellent flavour and texture when harvested large or small. Producing a heavy crop of glossy black fruit, Aubergine ‘Hansel’ lets you pick as and when you need it and maintains its excellent flavour and texture.. Cropping throughout the summer months, you can pick these delicious fruits when they’re as small as 5cm (2”) long, or leave them to reach a size of around 25cm (10”) long. Picking and using them frequently encourages more to grow, their versatility and mild taste makes them a fantastic addition to summer dishes, whether baked, fried or barbecued! Height: 60-100cm (2-3’). Spread: 70cm (2’). 1 packet (5 seeds).