Basket & Tub Plants Autumn & Winter

Keep your patio pots and hanging baskets colourful throughout the colder months of autumn and winter. We’ve put together a collection of evergreen and winter flowering plants that make perfect planting partners with minimal effort. Whichever colour scheme, shape, or location you have in mind, we have the perfect plant for your needs. Basket plants are easy to grow and to care for. 

Choose from a selection of favourites including: 

• Ajuga black scallop       • Calocephalus silver sand

• Carex bronze                  • Chamaecyparis ellwoods gold

• Fern harts tongue          • Heuchera melting fire

• Muehlenbeckia              • Stipa tenuissima

• Thyme

When purchasing plants please select the number required then type in the comments the names and varieties you are looking for, if you are happy to accept substitute varieties please be sure to tick the box. All our latest plant arrivals and offers are advertised on our Facebook page, be sure to check this out before placing an order.

2 Accept substitute