What can you do for the Hedgehogs?

Wed 06 Mar 2024
What can you do for the Hedgehogs?

Create a Hedgehog Haven in Your Garden!

Calling all nature enthusiasts and garden lovers! Are you looking to make your outdoor space more hedgehog-friendly? We've got you covered with everything you need to welcome these delightful garden visitors into your home.

Feed: Keep our prickly friends well-fed with our selection of wet and dry hedgehog food. Hedgehogs love munching on insects, so providing a nutritious meal will keep them happy and healthy.

Houses: Provide shelter with our cosy hedgehog houses. These safe havens give them a place to nest and hibernate, ensuring they feel right at home in your garden.

Ground Trays: Keep food and water clean and easily accessible with our ground trays. These trays are perfect for creating feeding stations in your garden, allowing hedgehogs to dine in peace.

Bowls: Serve up meals and water in our durable hedgehog bowls. Designed specifically for our spiky friends, these bowls are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring hedgehogs always have access to fresh water and food.


Tips for Hedgehog Happiness:

- Create hedgehog highways by cutting small holes in fences to allow them to roam freely between gardens.

- Leave out fresh water, especially during dry spells, to keep hedgehogs hydrated.

- Avoid using chemicals in your garden, as they can be harmful to hedgehogs and other wildlife.

- Check for hedgehogs before lighting bonfires or mowing the lawn to avoid accidental harm.

Help our spiky pals thrive in your garden with our hedgehog essentials! Visit Twenty Pence Garden Centre to get started on creating a hedgehog haven today. 🌿 Don't forget, you can also shop online.

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