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Herbaceous & grasses

Generally regarded as the most popular category herbaceous plants have a wide range of appeal of size, shape and colour from Delphinium and Helleborus to Crocosmia and Achillea the list goes on and on! Every year we try our best to acquire new and better varieties to feed the appetite of our customers. We also cater for the shadier parts of the garden with a modest selection of Hostas and Ferns which are increasingly popular for their leaf shapes.

Ornamental Grasses are also very useful, in our sunnier climate they too have a certain graceful charm when placed in the perfect spot and some are well suited to growing in a particular pot or container of which we have a vast display to choose from.

Divide perennials in early spring, for easier handling try to time the division so emerging shoots are only 2-4" tall. Prepare new beds for perennial flowers by spreading a 6" deep layer of organic matter (i.e. compost, rotted manure) and work in deeply. Plants growing in deep, rich soil are less likely to suffer from summer drought. Existing perennial beds can be cleared of old plant debris and mulched to prevent weed growth. Mulch should be applied around, but not over the sprouting root mass of each plant.

Twenty Pence Inspirational Flower Garden

The garden below shows a mix of shrub, herbaceous and annual plants. This enables you to have colour in your garden almost year round but gives you the most colour from late spring to October when you use your garden most. The plants are available in colours to suit your taste from pure white all the way through to purple and red. Mix up your planting to enjoy swathes of colour or clash colours to give you a Christopher Lloyd Style Garden. The choice as they say is yours.

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