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A Great Way to Your 5 a Day!

We can start you off with a superb selection of Johnsons and Thomson & Morgan seeds with all the essential items from plant labels, plastic pots, seed trays and watering cans too. What could be more satisfying in gardening than growing and harvesting your own fruit and vegetables. We can provide you with a range of easy to grow soft fruits which you can plant anywhere, even in limited spaces. In season we have quality seed potatoes to give you the best there is in taste and yield.

Provide your own delicious crops of plums, apples and pears with our range of potted fruit trees, perfect for your orchard or garden.

You can't beat the taste of fresh home - grown produce, we can offer a range of vegetable and salad plants in season, providing you with plenty of choice, taste and quality. We also stock potted herbs in various sizes which make a very attractive as well as culinery addition to your garden.

Soil is ready for gardening once it is free of ice crystals and crumbles easily. Soil that is too wet is easily compacted, reducing beneficial soil aeration. Common early spring crops are peas, spinach, lettuces and leeks. For a prolonged harvest, plant several varieties, each with a different maturation date. Follow these crops with broccoli, cabbage, radishes, kale, turnips, new potatoes and onions.

If you need any advice or information our staff will be only too pleased to assist you at Twenty Pence Garden Centre.

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