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Climbing plants have an important job in the garden too, either to cover up an unsightly object, to provide a screen to give shelter/privacy or it may simply be needed for its ornamental appeal. We stock a large choice of climbing plants that will cover all these aspects from self-clinging varieties such as Hedera, Parthenocissus vines, Virginia creeper and Boston Ivy, which are ideal for covering large walls etc. Then we have the non self - clinging varieties like Wisteria, Clematis, Jasminum, Honeysuckle and many more.

Clematis Pruning Groups

Group 1:

These are the spring and early-flowering varieties which rarely need pruning, unless they are growing too large and out of control, "if they flower before June, don't prune".

Group 2:

These just need the long stems trimmed back to a pair of buds on each stem, tidying up plants to keep them neat and well shaped. Cutting stems back encourages new growth from lower down on the plant and hence brings the flowering height down.

Group 3:

These include the later flowering varieties, which benefit from an annual prune in late winter or early spring. To minimise the effect of clematis wilt, plant deeply so that at least two live buds are buried. If the disease does strike, killing off growth above ground, new shoots should develop from below soil level.

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