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We have all areas covered from bedding plants to alpines, shrubs, herbaceous, roses, herbs, climbers and trees...

Twenty Pence Tip: 

  • "CHELSEA CHOP” TIME - To encourage bushier plants, so more flowers on your late flowering perennials, cut or pinch back buy half in late May.
  • Tie in climbers with soft twine. Roses should be tied as close as possible to the horizontal. Other climbers need regular tying to prevent a tangle.
  • Beware of Carrot Fly. Cover your carrot plants with fleece to stop the carrot fly laying eggs on young plants. The resulting grubs will munch holes in your carrots.
  • Once your borders are weed free, mulch with Bark Chippings to trap in moisture and reduce weeding.
  • Put Plant Supports in early, so that plants can grow up naturally through them.
  • Remember to water any new plants including trees you planted last year. Use moisture saving gel or compost in your pots and containers.
  • Top dress Alpines with Grit or Gravel to show them off and to keep their necks dry
  • Add straw around your strawberry plants now. 

5 Year Plant Guarantee: 

Best Quality Plants to all our Customers!

Here at Twenty Pence Garden Centre we pride ourselves on the quality of our plants. Our plant manager goes to great lengths to source only the best, continuing to care and look after them so that they are available for you, our customers. We are so confident that our plants are at their very best that we offer all our customers a 5 year, no quibble guarantee on all our hardy plant stock. All you need to do is keep your receipt as proof of purchase and we will replace the plant or you can choose an alternative replacement. Terms and conditions apply.


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