We have all areas covered from bedding plants to alpines, shrubs, herbaceous, roses, climbers and trees.

Twenty Pence Tip: 

  • Plant autumn flowering bulbs now. We have Autumn  Crocus, Colchicum and Nerines. 
  • Check for scale insects on the underside of Camellia and Bay Tree leaves. Use Ultimate Bug Killer
  • Lawn growth slows down in late summer. Raise the height of your mower to help your grass stay green and cope with extra wear and tear. 
  • Top up ponds and water features. Keep fountains running all night to help increase oxygen levels for fish. 
  • Look out for signs of apple scab on leaves and fruit. Spray with Bayer Fungus Fighter.

At Twenty Pence Garden centre we take pride in giving customers total satisfaction with the plants purchased. We therefore guarantee all our hardy plants for an amazing 5 years. Provided full care instructions are followed.

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