Wild Bird & Pets

Your fish never need to go hungry, we have a great selection of fish foods from both Pettex and Tetra such as natural pond sticks and koi sticks. Why not add some modern solar lights to your pond area so you can still appreciate its glory in the evening. We are stockists of Bermuda pond pumps which are built to last, giving you years of water gardening pleasure and bringing your garden to life with sound and movement. Their durable construction is capable of running 24 hours a day, which is ideal for powering a biological filter and perfect for powering fountains, waterfalls and filters. Also in the Bermuda range we have pond filters and treatments to keep your pond clean and healthy. We have all the accessories you need to keep your pond looking great. Our pond liners are supplied by Gordon Lowe who are the UK's leading manufacturer of geomembrane sheets, providing flexible pond liners for ornamental fish ponds. We also have various pond netting, aquatic hose and aquatic compost. 

Keep your pets happy with our selection of small animal feeds, treats, bedding and toys. We can provide a selection of pet foods, treats and accessories for dogs, cats, small animals, birds and fish. For all your pets, rabbits and guinea pigs we have it all covered with our leading brands such as Russel Rabbit and Gertie Guinea! Also pet bedding such as barley straw, woodshavings as well as meadow hay, drinkers and many more quality products for the well being of your furry friends. We do poultry fancy feeds, mixed corn, drinkers and budgie products too. For larger pets we can offer a range of dog food, bowls, treats, cat treats and Pettex cat litter.

Here at Wilburton we have a large selection of wild bird feed, nest boxes, feeding stations and bird tables to help bring nature into your own garden. Many species that we have taken for granted are now under threat so encourage and support them with a well positioned bird bath and regularily provide a source of food. With our fantastic range of quality bird care all year round. We are stockists of Chapelwood finest bird foods which are specifically mixed to create the highest quality bird food containing high grade seeds and grains, they are designed to appeal to each birds individual tastes. It is ideal for all year round feeding and will aid survival during the long cold winter months. To enhance your enjoyment of feeding the birds we also stock Peckish. Unique to Peckish is Calvita a specially developed supplement with the very best nutrients and vitamins vital for their development. Bring your garden to life, with Gardmans wild bird care range with quality bird seeds, seed mixes and treats. Caring for wild birds has proven to be a very popular way of introducing wildlife to the garden. We have an impressive selection of wild bird care products from suet balls to treats to standard seed & grain and peanuts. At any time of year we believe birds deserve a high level of care so you can always be sure to find a good selection of bird houses, tables, feeders and birdbaths from both Tom Chambers and Gardman too.

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