Cyclamen 10.5cm Pot

Perfect for planting in containers and hanging baskets or in the ground. Provides quick, easy to grow, seasonal flowers all autumn and winter. They provide a welcome burst of colour and fragrance in the autumn/winter garden when there is little else. They are very versatile being used indoors, outdoors and as a cut flower. 


They don’t like heavy rain and strong winds so would appreciate a sheltered site in dappled shade with dry soil. They are fairly hardy and can tolerate frost down to about -3° to -4°c (24 – 26°F). They need an open, free draining soil it is a good idea to incorporate some grit before planting. Dead head as soon as the flowers start to fade, take the stem off down to the corm by twisting and pulling at the same time.

They need a cool situation out of direct sunlight. Keep on the dry side, don’t worry if it wilts a little as soon as you water it will perk up again. There are several ways to water them: water around the edge of the pot with a long necked watering can, avoiding the corm in the middle; stand the pot in a saucer of water for 10 minutes then throw away any un-used water or plunge the pot up to the rim in a bucket of water for a few seconds if the plant has started to wilt.