Pot Bedding Perfect for Instant Colour!

Mon 12 Jul 2021
Pot Bedding Perfect for Instant Colour!

Check out our Petunia, Nicotiana, Lobelia, Bizzy Lizzy's in 13cm (4 for £10 or £3.29 each) pots full of promise. We have Geranium, Verbena, Petunia and Ipomea in 2Lt (3 for £12 or £5.99 each) pots and lots more to add a splash of instant colour to your garden: 

Filled Hanging Baskets from £24.99

Filled Containers from £17.99

It is the perfect time to ensure your garden is summer-ready with our wide selection of garden furniture in store.  Don't miss out!  Check out our Outdoor Furniture and BBQ's! 

Also don't forget our Autumn Seed Potatoes (£2.99) which are ideal for planting now, ensuring a freshly dug new potato to eat at Christmas!  

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