Real Christmas Trees Now In

Tue 23 Nov 2021
Real Christmas Trees Now In

Our real Christmas trees and Christmas wreaths have arrived so we are now fully stocked with all you need for a perfect Christmas, including indoor and outdoor arrangements. So start the festive season by bringing your family to Twenty Pence Garden Centre to choose the perfect fresh Christmas Tree! 

Fresh-Cut Tree:  (real cut trees are easy to care for, but freshness is key).

1. Start by buying a good well-grown tree, either a Nordmann (least needle dropping) or a Norway Spruce (great scent).  

2. Make sure you have a suitable stand, capable of holding adequate water.

3. Get your tree wrapped to protect it on the journey home.

4. If you are not decorating your tree straight away, cut off around an inch at the base of the tree. Place it in a bucket of water and store it in a cool garage, porch or sheltered position out of the wind and sun. Keep the bucket topped up with water.     

5. When you are ready to bring the tree inside, cut off 2cm from the bottom of the tree. Place the tree in a stand that holds water and check the water daily. Place the tree away from fires and radiators if possible.

Potted Christmas Tree:

1. Once home give your tree a good watering and leave to drain.

2. Store in a sheltered spot out of the wind, until ready to move the tree inside. 

3. In the house keep the tree away from fireplaces and radiators if possible. Keep compost moist but do not over water or allow to stand in water.

4. After Christmas move the tree outside to a sheltered position or a cool greenhouse.

5. Repot in the spring into a slightly larger pot using John Innes No.3 or plant in the ground. When planting in the ground give it good drainage by adding sharp sand or grit. Add bonemeal to enhance good root growth. Water well during the summer. 

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