Fruit & Vegetable Plants Now In Store

Wed 07 Apr 2021
Fruit & Vegetable Plants Now In Store

We have everything you need in store to grow your own fruit and veg. From Tomato Plants to Lettuce, and Strawberries to Kale:        

Tomato Plant £1.79

Cucumber Plant £1.79

Pepper Plant £1.79

Vegetable Grow Packs (Celery, Lettuce, Kale) £2.99

Strawberry Plants £2.49 or 5 for £10

Why not grow your own Tomatoes this year, whether you are a seasoned vegetable grower or someone always wanting to give it a try? It's easier than you think!

  1. Buy a Levington Tomato Planter
  2. Purchase a tomato plant or two
  3. Choose a plant support
  4. Don't forget your Grow Bag Tray 
  5. Buy your Tomato Fertiliser 
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